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Polaris Rims

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Product Info Page: https://www.ascent-bikes.com/polaris

If you're looking to build your own Polaris wheels with your own hubs, you're at the right place! Choose the 42 for a lighter ride, or the 69 for higher speed. Or get one of each!


Building upon the experience gained from the Polaris 69, the Polaris 42 is built upon our Omnibalance Design Philosophy, which states that in addition to aerodynamics, steering stability, traction, comfort, and responsiveness are important factors in improving a rider’s confidence.


Each Polaris rim is made with the highest grades of carbon fiber - exceeding the typical T700/T800 grades used in other rims. As each rim is hand-built, there are minor variations in the final weight and surface finish of the rims. Only about 10% of the rims qualify for our raw finish - they are the lightest, and the most visually distinctive rims that we carry.


All Polaris rims come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, and parts crash replacement for the original owner. This warranty does not include damage due to improper assembly. As each rim is hand-built, there may be some surface variations or cosmetic marks on the rim. These do not affect the function of the rim and are not covered by the warranty. If you are involved in a crash that makes the wheels unrideable, we will provide the replacement parts at no charge - you only have to pay for shipping and labor. This way, you’ll be riding and racing with confidence, knowing that we have your back.


Rim Depth: 42mm / 69mm
Rim Width: 32.5mm (42mm) / 35mm (69mm)
Rim Materials: T700/T800/High-Modulus Carbon Fibers
Internal Width: 23mm
Bead Type: Hooked
Tubeless ready: Yes
ERD: 555 mm (42mm) / 507mm (69mm)
Number of Holes: 24
Drain Hole: Yes
Recommended Lacing: 2x
Weight: 360-380g (42mm) / 530-570g (69mm)

Singapore orders
Pickup from our location is best - Sometimes, bikes need to be fitted to you, and wheels need to be installed properly to perform their best. We are happy to assist with that, and are best able to do so with all our tools at our disposal.​

Delivery of items is possible, and a fee will be charged if you choose this option.

International Orders
Off-the-shelf items (like wheels) will be shipped as soon as practicable. In general, we expect to ship wheels within 2-3 business days if they are in stock (ZENITH, POLARIS, Defiant carbon track wheels, Adamant Alloy wheels). Most of the required time is to get the decals prepared in your preferred color and apply them.

Custom orders like the Bolt/Intrepid mini velo and custom wheel builds will require a longer lead time of about 2 weeks to 1 month, as some parts need to be ordered and fitted. Please contact us and we will discuss the details with you.

All orders will be shipped by UPS Worldwide, except where another arrangement is required.

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