About Us



Ascent exists to bring cutting-edge bicycle-tech to the global cycling community through our passion and rider-focused innovation.


Qing Xiang (QX) is the founder of Ascent Bikes, a Singapore company that exists to bring cutting-edge bicycle-tech to the global cycling community through its passion and rider-focused innovation. In designing bicycle products, Ascent considers holistic factors that affect rider performance to enable riders to perform at their best.

Prior to starting Ascent in 2019, Qing Xiang graduated with honours from Johns Hopkins University with a B.S in Biomedical engineering, with a focus on mechanical engineering and biomechanics. Subsequently, he graduated with a Masters in Bioengineering Innovation and Design from Johns Hopkins University.

Qing Xiang spent 6 years at DSO National Laboratories, Singapore's national defence research lab, working on and leading teams in soldier performance and human factors engineering projects. His stint at DSO has allowed him to appreciate the importance of usability and user confidence in product design. Qing Xiang was part of a team that spearheaded a product design framework at DSO and guided the product design process across multiple divisions, and that same philosophy has carried over to Ascent, where he designs products that enhance performance by putting the rider first.

Philosophy of innovation

Our core philosophy is that any innovation we do has to be rider-focused. We focus on innovating in areas that will improve the riding experience, from the development of carbon wheels that enhance rider confidence, to ultra-smooth bottom brackets that make the ride smoother.


Our approach to product design is simple: You are the most important part of the equation.

From little touches like anti-rust chains, to carbon wheels that remain steady even in crosswinds, we make your rides delightful and enjoyable.


The performance and effectiveness of our products stems from our deep experience in engineering and design.

Unlike other brands that slap their logos onto open mould products, we meticulously design our components to exacting standards - from Finite Element Analysis to Computational Fluid Dynamics, our products use state-of-the-art simulation and optimization techniques to bring the highest performance and user experience to the rider.


From high-strength Aluminium 6066, to high-modulus carbon fibers, we choose only the finest materials for our designs to bring your riding experience to the next level.

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