Our Mission

At Ascent, our mission is to delight our riders with a combination of high performance, and a great riding experience. Instead of chasing performance on paper, we choose to focus on factors that give our riders an enjoyable cycling experience - from carbon wheels that excel in all weather conditions, to fully customizable mini velos that are built just the way their owners want. 

Mini Velo

Class-leading Mini Velos, designed for tackling the urban jungle and beyond.

Hand-built just for you in Singapore, ready to take on the world.

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Carbon Wheels

Experience award-winning carbon wheels built to inspire confidence, so that you dare to push yourself to be the absolute best.

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Hand-built in Singapore,
just the way you want it.
Built For you

Looking to make a one-off velo that will turn heads, or a set of our carbon rims built just the way you want? Let’s talk! We have full custom painting services, and a wide range of parts that we can employ to make your dream bike or wheelset.


15 Yishun Industrial St 1
Win5 Building, #08-20
Singapore 768091


Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri: 1–7pm
Wed/Sun: 1–5pm

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