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Whether you're tackling a steep climb, a windy descent, or plowing through a rainstorm, Polaris gives you the confidence to push your limits through all conditions and take the win. Choose between our new Polaris 42 for all-purpose riding, or the Polaris 69 when maximum speed matters.

Main Features:

  • Omnibalance Design Philosophy with Steering Stability as a key priority

  • Massive 23mm internal width with hooked, tubeless-ready rim bed

  • Optimized for use with 28mm tires

  • Weighs just 1300g (Polaris 42) or 1600g (Polaris 69) with DT 240 hubs

  • Lifetime warranty and parts crash replacement policy for original owner


We designed Polaris with one core principle, which is that you, the rider, are an integral part of the system. By allowing you to focus on the ride instead of fighting the bike, we give you confidence, because confidence is speed, and confidence brings results.


"Are these good enough to win a criterium? Yes! Surprisingly stable even in today's wind, I forgot I was on super deep 69mm wheels"

-NorCal Cycling, California, USA. Polaris 69mm



The Omnibalance Design Philosophy guides our wheel design. It is no longer sufficient to produce wheels that are fast - they need to be stable and controllable, they need to inspire confidence so that you dare to push yourself to the absolute best.

We have identified five key factors for a wheel's performance, and have designed Polaris to excel in all of them:

Deon Nel Photography-1042.jpg

Steering stability: The ability of the rim to deliver  predictable steering in  adverse wind conditions. A stable design will reduce the corrections that a rider has to make, allowing them to concentrate on the road ahead.

Aerodynamics: Traditionally the sole measure of performance for deep-section wheels.

Comfort: Vibrations reduce a rider’s pedaling efficiency, saps their energy, and leaves them fatigued. A comfortable wheel allows riders to push harder and remain fresher throughout the ride.

Traction: The ability of the wheel/tire to corner safely.

Response: A responsive wheel feels alive—ready to respond to the rider’s comments. Wheels with lower weight tend to feel more responsive.

"These wheels are the most solid wheels I've ever ridden. Some areas of the ride were very windy but I barely felt a twitch from the front end. Also, climbing up hills you wouldn't think I was on 69mm."

-Jason L., from New York, USA. Polaris 69mm



Blowing away the common wisdom that deep-section wheels are hard to handle, the Polaris 69mm handles crosswinds with aplomb. Designed with a priority on handling transient gusts, Polaris minimizes steering torque, while maintaining torque linearity to a greater wind angle.  A linear response means that steering is more predictable with less twitching or jerking during sudden gusts, while a lower steering moment means less effort spent keeping the bike moving straight.

The Polaris 42mm features a near-immunity to crosswinds, with a near-zero steering moment that provides exceptionally good response in bad weather.

"The 42mm is awesome! I rode through some hard cross winds and 80kph descent on Mt Baker. The wheels were solid. I didn't feel a thing in the cross wind and I could corner very confidently on it. I'm loving the Pirelli tubeless setup with both my Polaris sets"

-Sunil J., from Vancouver, Canada. Polaris 42mm



Through careful optimization of the rim shape and rim-tire interface via thousands of hours of Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations, as well as wind tunnel testing at the A2 Wind Tunnel in North Carolina, USA, we were able to design a rim that works admirably fast. During testing, the Polaris 69 and 42 rims were faster at 10m/s and 13.3m/s than our 50mm Zenith wheels, and had an improved stall angle. This means more speed, over a wider range of wind conditions, than a mid-depth carbon wheel.

"Overall, really happy with these wheels. I've done riding in nasty winds and some descents at speed (50+mph); I trust these wheels a lot at this point and have never felt like they made me nervous."

-A.P., from Washington DC, USA. Polaris 69mm


When the road gets rougher, the immense 23mm internal width maximises air volume to absorb vibrations and deliver exceptional traction. Our wide, tubeless-ready rim bed allows tires to withstand cornering forces confidently. While hookless rims have been gaining in popularity, we made the conscious decision to keep our rims hooked for safety and reliability, as most riders would be operating at the upper limits of the pressure range when running the tires hookless.


"Coming from ENVE SES 5.6s, it's nice to finally have an aero wheelset optimized for wider tires. The local road races are hell on equipment."

-Eugene C., from California, USA. Polaris 69mm


A responsive wheel feels alive—ready to respond to the rider’s inputs. Liberal use of ultrahigh grade carbon fibers, exceeding the typical T700 and T800 grades used in most rims, and optimized fiber placement allow for each Polaris rim to weigh just 550 grams for the 69mm, and 380g for the 42mm, easily one of the lightest in their depth classes. By minimizing the weight, the rotational inertia of the wheels is reduced, producing a lively feel that shatters expectations of what a deep-section wheel should feel like.

The highest-end Polaris wheels with DT Swiss 180 hubs will sport a raw rim finish  - a striking reminder that its owner has chosen the best of the best.


"Oh my goodness, these wheels make my bike into a rocket! I can't believe the acceleration that I'm getting from them!"

-Douglas C., from Golden, CO, USA. Polaris 42mm


Every Polaris wheel is hand-built with pride in Singapore. We believe that in the age of machine-produced wheels, a hand-built, hand-tensioned wheel still provides the best quality, durability, and trueness. We are partnering with BuiltWheels, one of the best wheelbuilders in Singapore, to give the best possible construction.

"With the Polaris, external to that sailing effect you get, I just love how solid and safe they feel"

-Cam Nicholls, Noosa, Australia. Polaris 69mm


Ride hard, race harder - we've got your back with our lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects*. Even better, all Polaris wheels come with a crash replacement guarantee. If you manage to damage your product while riding, racing, or even during an accident, we will replace or repair Polaris for you at zero parts cost**.

*This warranty is valid for the original owner. It covers the rims, spokes, and hubs, but does not cover damage due to wear and tear (e.g. bearings, brake tracks), cosmetics, improper assembly or abuse. **This guarantee is valid for the original owner of Polaris wheels. Labor and return shipping costs are not covered by Ascent. Ascent and its distributors reserve the right to refuse warranty or crash replacement guarantee to any person who, at our sole discretion, abuses our products, programs, or warranty policy. Damage caused by misuse, abuse, or intentional damage will not be covered by either policy.


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