Nouveau Velo: a scent by ASCENT

Nouveau Velo: a scent by ASCENT

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Do you remember the feeling of getting a new bike? That alluring smell of chain lube and fresh rubber, and how you told your buddies that this new bike was definitely faster?

Now, experience this sensation all over again with Nouveau Velo, a scent by ASCENT. By distilling the essence of unsold new bikes sitting on warehouse floors, and mixing in the tears of the riders you dropped on the way to the start line, we have replicated the jubilation and exhilaration of getting a new bike, without breaking the bank or risking the relationship with your partner.

Just one spray will make your bike feel all new again. Careful though - if you get any on yourself, it won't just be your bike that your buddies will lay their eyes on.


Obviously, we aren't into the perfume business, and we really wish it was possible to replicate the magic of a new bike each time. This is why we design our stuff to delight our users - from mini velos that are customized for each rider, to carbon wheels that give our riders the confidence to go faster.

Take 5% off products in your order using promo code NOUVEAUVELO and experience the delight of a new bike (or wheels) from us.

Singapore orders
Pickup from our location is best - Sometimes, bikes need to be fitted to you, and wheels need to be installed properly to perform their best. We are happy to assist with that, and are best able to do so with all our tools at our disposal.​

Delivery of items is possible, and a fee will be charged if you choose this option.

International Orders
Off-the-shelf items (like wheels) will be shipped as soon as practicable. In general, we expect to ship wheels within 2-3 business days if they are in stock (ZENITH, POLARIS, Defiant carbon track wheels, Adamant Alloy wheels). Most of the required time is to get the decals prepared in your preferred color and apply them.

Custom orders like the Bolt/Intrepid mini velo and custom wheel builds will require a longer lead time of about 2 weeks to 1 month, as some parts need to be ordered and fitted. Please contact us and we will discuss the details with you.

All orders will be shipped by UPS Worldwide, except where another arrangement is required.

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