The Stratus 406 Gravel Wheelset - Ultrawide rims for wide tires, and your thirst for adventure.


With a 24mm internal rim width that could swallow most normal rims outright, the Stratus gives your wide tires the stability they need, and gives you the confidence to ride on all roads, in all weathers.


Supporting tires from 20x1.5-2.3" (40-406 to 58-406), the Stratus allows your wide tires to expand to a shape that minimizes rolling resistance and gives cornering stability, even when run at lower pressures.


We specced our ultralight Centerlock straightpull disc brake hub for the Stratus. With 72 points of engagement spread over 6 pawls, and smooth, sealed bearings, the Stratus gives you the engagement you need to overcome bumpy ground.


Get your Stratus - Go exploring, be it solo or with a partner.


Rims: Ascent Stratus 406, 30mm external width, 24mm internal width, 25mm depth
Valve: Schrader, but Presta usable
Spokes: Stainless steel, 24/24H
Hubs: Ultralight centerlock disc brake, quick release, 72 points of engagement.
Weight: About 1400g

Stratus 406 Wheels