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Hey there!

Qing Xiang here, Founder of Ascent Bikes. I started Ascent Bikes in 2018 to bring the joys of cycling to more people. We strongly believe that if you enjoy your ride, you will ride more often, and you will encourage others, by example, to ride. We approach this by designing high-performance, high-quality products that give our riders a great experience, instead of chasing pure performance numbers.

My first experience building bikes was in 2016, when I decided to pick up cycling to improve my health. As an Engineer, I thought, how hard could it be to build one? So I did my research, bought the parts, and made all the mistakes. Soon after, orders came in from friends, family, and colleagues, and this marked the birth of Ascent Bikes as a brand.

We started out with the Bolt mini velo, a high-performance urban bike that was light, maneuverable, and insanely customizable. As our first design, it will always hold a special place in our hearts. ​As a startup operating out of Singapore, we've been fortunate to have clients around the world - from our Zenith Elite wheels in the USA, to our Bolt Mini Velo in Europe, to our Defiant carbon track wheels in Taiwan.

I would like to thank you for your support. As our team and brand grows, thank you for being here with us.

Wishing you tailwinds, and an enjoyable ride.

Qing Xiang Yee


Ascent Bikes

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